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My day today

I rode to work today with Subtle_Shadow and she dropped me off. Well, I sat around the office filling out more paperwork on people who MAY pre-arrange. Then, I went to Lunch with Subtle_Shadow and had a wonderful Mexican meal that I would have missed if she had not told me that it was what she was getting. She has the most wonderful taste in most things.

Then, when I got back to work, I sat at my desk for a little bit after finishing some paperwork, staring off into nothing. Then, someone I had been working with for about two weeks called up and asked me to meet her at 3:30 to pre-arrange. I needed a car! I got the Lead car (a big black Cadillac) and drove out to meet her. I had another lady help me sell her a Mausoleum. We all three talked forever and wound up setting up a VERY nice Mausoleum and Funeral package. ( Cemetery and Funeral are two separate arrangements, but we worked out details of Both ) Then… at 5:00, well after I should have been back to catch my ride, she decides that she will be back WEDNESDAY to pay for SOMETHING!!!! If she does ONLY cemetery at the moment, I get 1/2 commission. If she does the whole thing, I get 1/2 cemetery and FULL Funeral. (Commission, Folks). WooHoo!!
The thing is, that while the commission puts bread on the table and a truck in the garage, This woman, who has no family in the area and few friends, will have a funeral the way she wants it, will be buried where she wants and How she wants. There is nothing better than knowing your family won’t fuck you over when you die. 🙂
( She told of a man who died and was buried in the ground, THEN they found that he had a Mausoleum and some other wishes. )

Anyway, BirdofParadox and Subtle_Shadow picked me up right after I got back. They drove up seconds later.. VERY cool. Then we dropped off the Actress and drove to the Condo to check on the Chub-Chubs. Then went to play on the computers. 🙂
Good Day.

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