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Health Care

I think I’ve pretty much decided that For Profit health care is the source of our health care woes.
Think about it – the best interest of the hospital and doctors is to keep you sick, not heal you.  The Insurance companies seek to charge us more, pay the doctors less and pay out as little as possible. Pharmaceutical companies also need more repeat business – so why make something that ends the demand for the product??
It is a fact – no matter how many people claim otherwise – that the United States Health Care is one of the worst of all the Developed Nations.  In 2000, We were number 37.  Thirty Seven!!  We are not getting our money’s worth!  I don’t think we can realistically blame the low ranking on traffic accidents
I believe the reason we are first in costs, last in effectiveness in Health Care is that our health providers have a vested interest in keeping us sick.

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