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The Rich get Richer….

We have a lot of this phrase going around – “The Rich get richer and… ” with lots of different endings.

the Poor Poorer ; the Young Go Into Deep Debt ; you know the rest ; the rest get less ; As The Income Inequality Gap Explodes and a bonus article of How the rich get richer.

For each dollar earned by the average worker, the average CEO earns $475…  nobody ‘earns’ that.  Its a give-away, handouts by the rich to the already rich.

We have to get back to a more sustainable economic system.  Its not an matter of ‘envy’ on my part that others who supposedly worked harder than me (false!) have gotten ahead.  It is a matter of clearly unsustainable practices that are leading – once again – to a total economic collapse.  The “free market” has failed – only because the corrupt have taken control of it.

The complete and utter idiots that claim this as ‘sour grapes’ and ‘entitlement thinking’ are either part of the elite power schemes or mentally enslaved by them.  If anything, the obscene amounts of income handed out to managers and CEOs are the result of ‘entitlement’ thinking.  Its the whip-cracker taking credit for the work of the slaves.  I am entitled to the fruits of my labor and it is a travesty of justice for anyone else to feel entitled to a larger share of my productivity than I am.  I am going to make that line of thinking another post entirely… stay tuned.

Again I will pitch the need for an Ethical Economic structure.  We need to pay a fair wage for a fair amount of work.  I begrudge no one a reasonable profit for their ideas, their work and efforts or their investment.  When one is reaping an outrageous profit, then they must seriously look at the ethical points of their business structure.  Our problem stems from the fact that people in positions of power in business are rarely ethical.  Even more, people in positions of political power are also rarely ethical.

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