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SFG Update

Updates to our Square Foot Gardening in our Front Yard!

So, two more beds made and filled – one with a 100% Mel’s Mix (very expensive!!).  Still only have one bed seeded.  Seedlings started inside are ready to be transferred…. I hope. Plan on doing that tonight after work.

I have tilled up my roadside terraced garden area and got the ditches around it cleaned out and deepened.  I finished yanking all the shrubs/bushes from the area I want to make “Blueberry Hill.”  Our pond now has some plants in and around it.

We finally got the containers for the potato plants set up and planted.  We are going to do the fill-in method on those.
1. get a tall container.
2. fill bottom with a couple inches of dirt.
3. put in potato slice with eye.
4. when potato plant(s) gets 8 inches tall, fill and cover up 7 inches of the plant.  You can use a loose soil, which I plan to do, or supposedly you can use straw or hay to cover it up.  The potatoes will grow in those 7 inches.
5. when the plant grows another 8 inches above that soil, fill in the next 7 inches.  At some point, you will run out of container and stop the fill in process.
6. when the plant turns yellow and starts to die, turn the container over and dump out the harvest.

Oh! If you want a real feel-good gardening experience, plant Dragon Tongue bush Beans.  The young plants come up BIG and strong!

I hope to remember to take some pictures this evening so I can share them tomorrow….  or later today.

Here is a pic of Bed #2 from 3/16/2012 :

One thing I’ve learned – using 3/4″ dowels for the grid is a bad idea.  For one, they are exactly 4′ long… so, nothing to secure to and no tolerance for shorter or longer bed frames.  Secondly, they warp. Bad.

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