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Increase Revenue, Cut Spending

To really address the Budget Shortfalls on both Federal and State levels, sure, we need to cut some spending, but most imperative is to Increase Revenue!

Scott Walker is delusional!  He seriously believes that what he has done is a good thing!  I am not too sure about the credibility of NewsMax either.  That ‘article’ is disgusting.  They do have a counter-article posted, so at least they are balanced.

What has been going on is that Republicans (for the most part – and some Democrats have been on board too) have been handing out tax breaks and tax ‘incentives’ and decimating the income levels of both federal and state economies.  Now that the consequences of their actions have come to fruition, in budget shortfalls, they are trying to claw the irresponsibly thrown away income out of the hands of hard working citizens.  From Teachers!! They give money to the already rich and want to make people earning below average salary to pay for it! (check out this PDF, page 76 – and a spreadsheet I created)

A video from 2010 and a new bill that (before researching it thoroughly) I believe I could support from Bernie Sanders.

A NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found late February that 81 percent of Americans believe a surtax on millionaires is an acceptable way to close the budget shortfall.

Yes, especially when 400 people have more accumulated and horded wealth than the bottom 50% (even 60%!!) all put together!

Republicans, Sanders fumed, want to balance the budget “solely on the backs of the middle class and some of the most vulnerable people in this country.” 

Step 1 – “Citizens” United vs. USA – Supreme Court conservatives open the gates to allow Corporations to openly buy elections.
Step 2 – Convince Citizens that it is other citizens, not corporations, who want to reduce their share of the money. Like the joke going around,

A CEO, a Tea Partier and a Union Member are sitting around a table.  On the table is a dozen cookies.  The CEO takes 11 cookies, turns to the Tea Partier and says, ‘Watch out for that Union Guy, he wants a piece of your cookie.’ 

Sadly, the Tea Partier seems to think the CEO deserves all 11 cookies and would be happy to split the last one with the CEO – but not the Union guy.
Step 3 –  Remove the protections workers have.  Start with Union’s Collective Bargaining rights, then Safety requirements by destroying OSHA and the EPA.  Then eliminate the minimum wage because it cuts into profits.  Eliminate Health Benefits.  Eliminate basic government agencies, even!
Step 4 – Convince the Tea Partier to hand over his last cookie for the privilege of working seven twelve-hour days a week, a bunk in the common house and three meals a day.

It is not a matter of “They’ve got more than me.” That is fine.  Its that they are hording it.  In order for Capitalism to work, there must be a circular flow of income, a what goes around comes around.  Right now, there is more and more money going up, leaving less and less money to actually drive the economy.  It is an unsustainable model.  Do a little research on Henry Ford.

And I’ll wrap up with a good article to read for Mississippi – Why Education Matters is what I’d call it.  Read that and ask yourself why Republicans want to destroy education.

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Specifically the chart of income and outlays over time.  In 2000, we started screwing up BIG time! Bush Tax Cuts anyone?
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