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More People Taking up the Call

NPR has an article written by an economist that says workers should be more important than wall street and corporations.  Of course, he is asking the GOP to stop focusing on building up Wall Street and start to focus on workers and small businesses, which is about as likely to happen as … as… well, something really unlikely.  I agree that our Government needs to focus on the workers and the small businesses, I just don’t imagine the GOP are going to be the ones to do it.  The article also ignores that it was 8 years of GOP policies and practices that got us into the mess we are in now with the economy and unemployment.

A comment on that article I like :

Few things better illustrate how average Americans are being screwed than the current “debate” about the debt ceiling. TeaPublicans are refusing to raise the debt ceiling (and thus endangering the economy) until they get “deep cuts” aimed at screwing working Americans.

Republicans raised the debt ceiling multiple times during the Cheney/Bush administration. They raised it without a whimper. They raised it to fund a war based on lies, tax breaks for billionaires, and loopholes for corporations.

Republicans actually *created* the deficit crisis. They did it through irresponsible fiscal policy that directly supported the Wall Street robber barons that created the Cheney/Bush depression of 2008.

Now the TeaPublicans want to use the deficit that they helped to create as a pretext for destroying Medicare and Social Security (social programs the TeaPublicans hate). All at the same time they continue to vote to extend welfare to the oil companies and tax breaks to billionaires.

It’s clear that the only people the TeaPublicans are worried about are Wall Street robber barons, corporate stooges like the Koch brothers, and billionaires. But if you are a working man or woman, the TeaPublicans are screwing you.
Wed Jun 01 2011 10:01:53 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time)

ODE magazine has an article on what they call “Spiritual Capitalism.”

Sounds great, but is it worth it? Versteeg thinks so. Brokers are performing better and the number of customers is increasing, mainly through referrals from existing clients.“Our people dedicate their time now to more human goals,” Versteeg says. “The salespeople have their pride back and clients are happier than ever before.”

Field suggests a whole new kind of financial metrics, “so that the value of a company becomes not a single number based on its profits, but a composite number that includes its spiritual health.” Sound too good to be true? Take a look around. It’s already happening, at companies like Allianz, Ameriprise, Dr. Hauschka, One World Everybody Eats and countless others. 

It goes a bit further than my idea of “Ethical Capitalism” by focusing on doing good rather than just creating a more sustainable business model by paying your employees a wage that is good compared to the profits they help create, but it fits well.  I suppose a merger of the two where doing good is just a side effect of doing good business could be “Sustainable Capitalism?”  All of them should move away from the wrong-headed idea of Profits-first and put People-First back into business.


Some Comments on a blog post I found interesting :
The GOP are the biggest job killers of all time. Recent reports in my area (California) show that employers are not able to find enough educated people for jobs. So why are the GOP job killers? Well, the GOP labels any tax as a job killer, but fail to notice that every loss of tax revenue equates to cuts in education, either at the K – 12 level or colleges. Without an education, people are not employable. My take on all this is that the GOP, with most of their wealthy contributors able to go to private school their entire lives, are content with the rest of the U.S. in minimum wage jobs. Reducing taxes and then cutting education are the real job killers. Maybe not today, but for a long time. Fri May 27 2011 16:04:23 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time)

Ziyu Ziyu (ziyu) wrote:
How about a real jobs program instead of an ideological program? Tax cuts don’t create jobs. Jobs are created when there is lots of business activity driven by demand that more people are needed to help the company. Having more money just adds to profit. It creates no motivation for jobs. Tax cuts are not a real jobs plan. It’s untargeted, creating massive inefficiencies, and just serves as another talking point. Let’s see a real jobs bill that non-partisan economic analyses say will create jobs. Until then, all of that talk about jobs is still just hot air. Fri May 27 2011 18:06:41 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time) 

Cutting taxes is part of the reason the deficit is so big to begin with, and deregulation gets us disasters like Upper Big Branch and Deepwater Horizon. When will republicans learn? Better question, when will the American people learn? Fri May 27 2011 16:49:57 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time) 

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  1. I find it so offensive that big business is using the American public to work against its own self interest. The Koch brothers will benefit from less government regulations NOT THE PEOPLE

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