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Tea Party Against Corporations!

No, not the current astroturf corporate dupes.  The Original Boston Tea Party was an event against The Crown of England and the East India Company.  What am I talking about?

The East India Company was having trouble with Dutch tea being smuggled in to areas and cutting into their otherwise monopoly.  The Crown, seeking to mollify their favorite corporation, gave them a huge tax break on all the tea they shipped into England.  So, the company was happy, but the Crown had lost a lot of income.  Well, there were these poor sots across the pond who liked tea.  The Crown decided to pull the lost income from the hands of the colonies by shifting the tax from the Corporation to the tea that the colonies received.  That did not sit very well.

And it is not going to sit well now either.  Not if people Wake Up and Stand Up for their own best interests.  You know, it is in our best interests to have successful businesses in our country, in our neighborhoods.  It is, however, not in our best interests to have monopolies and abusive corporations running our country and buying our government.

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