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For you Health Reform Critics

Okay, so what would you think if a Doctor – a Physician – who has worked for several decades (tens of years) in Medical Schools (teaching hospitals – hospitals where they teach new doctors and nurses) told you the Health Insurance Reform you call “Obamacare” was really a good law (more positives than negatives)?  Forget about Fox!!

“I also believe that many of the statements currently used to denigrate this bill are flawed or totally in error.” – Dr. Jay H. Stein

I’ll quote parts of the article – because most people who “hate Obamacare” are not interested in the facts, so probably won’t read the article behind the link above.

The United States has many outstanding medical centers that deliver superb care for complex medical problems. Yet the U.S. ranks well down the list of developed countries based on health care costs and parameters such as infant mortality and life expectancy.


 The undisputed point is that health care costs in the United States have been out of control for decades and the current trend must be curtailed. The rates for 2011 have nothing to do with the ACA.

In addition, the ACA law still relies on the free market. Employers will continue to pick insurance through private companies. There will be no change in ownership of hospitals, and physicians will not become government employees.
This is not a government takeover.

I’ve also read an article where the main attack on the PPACA was that it would greatly increase demand for medical care.  What happens in a capitalist country when demand increases? Somebody steps in to profit from the increased demand by supplying it.  So, increased demand = more jobs created.  What do these people have against creating jobs??

Also worth reading is a Kaiser Health News summary of  “Fact Checks” on the Reform.

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  1. I agree Bobby! Almost everyone I talk to who "hates" "Obamacare" knows almost nothing about it – and doesn't know how the current healthcare system works either. Furthermore, almost no one voicing their opinions has any knowledge of healthcare in other countries – whether successful, World Bank supported, or failing. The best part of Freedom of Speech is it has nothing to do with Freedom of Knowledge. πŸ™‚

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