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Political Announcement

The Reform Party asked me if I would be interested in running for a state position.  I agreed.

I am officially running for Governor of Mississippi.

The rules and money are stacked against me – I am like the mocking bird trying to chase off the fat cat.  Still, I believe in Truth and Facts.  I believe in the state of Mississippi.  We can turn things around and pick our state up off the bottom of the good statistics and move away from the top of all the bad statistics.  I believe that government should be of Laws, rather than of Men. (Jaycee creed line)

I have started a Facebook Page and a Website –

As I am a working man, not a lawyer or judge or politician, my time is limited to off-work hours.  This will not be a ‘normal’ campaign.  Read my website, ask questions, debate with me and we can arrive at a great platform to help get Mississippi Moving Up!  Grassroots all the way!  ( Buy a bumper sticker, button and flier! Tell your friends!)

I am the only candidate who will DECREASE the Governor’s salary if elected.  I am running on Fiscal Responsibility, Education and Creating a Healthy Environment for Job Creation.

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