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Who is to blame for this mess?

From my saying of “You cannot sway a Republican with mere Facts and Logic” to this blog post :

“Now, back to unnamed Republican lawmaker who thinks his party isn’t to blame. The frightening thing is, he probably believes it. When people hold certain ideological beliefs strongly enough, no amount of facts will get in their way. If you believe that the current deficit is the result of excessive government spending (passed by Democrats, even though they only controlled Congress and the White House for four out of the past thirty years*), no pile of charts will be big enough to convince you otherwise — just like if you believe that tax cuts increase tax revenues, that the deficit has produced high interest rates, or that Barack Obama was born on Mars, no amount of evidence will convince you otherwise.”

Ultimately, WE are to blame.  We (in general) voted for the people who fight against our best interests. Thirty years.  I think it is time we stop doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results.

Also read this article : America Needs Taxes! by the cofounder of

Okay, so I was told that the Democrats controlled congress for 18 years and the Republicans only 12 years in the past 30… so… Real Story – go see wikipedia.  I combined two charts from that article and cut to from 1977 to 2010.

What we see is that from 1994 until 2007 the Republicans pretty much had a lock on congress – except for 2 years when Bush II was first elected, they lost the Senate.  For 4 of those years they had they whole thing – both houses of Congress and the Presidency – the four years just before it got really bad.  So, basically 12 years of Republican policy domination lead up to the great recession of 2009.  The Democrats were elected into control of congress BECAUSE the economy was already so bad.  Obama was elected BECAUSE the economy was so horrible (okay, and Palin in control of anything scared every rational human being on earth).
So, the Democrats can be singing, “We didn’t start the fire, but we’re trying to fight it….”
Democrats are better than Republicans, but Independents are better still.

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