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Adamant Stupidity

Sarah Palin.

So, she is caught on camera talking about Paul Revere saying that he warned the British and rang bells on his famous ride.  Then, when called out about being so extremely wrong (on Fox no less), she insists that she was right and she knows American History.  Sarah, all the Facts say you are dead wrong – yet, you will not admit it.

Oh, and in that article our state’s Governor, Haley Barbour, said that if she went up against Obama for President, he would support her.  More evidence that he is totally against our best interests.

I realize that saying, “I was confused” or something would be embarrassing for Sarah – but not as much as just sticking to your guns even when everyone knows you are wrong.  If she can’t bring herself to say that she was wrong about something, that there may be a better way than she had imagined – then there is no way she should be anywhere close to a President.  The inability to admit wrong is something we should keep very far away from our political leaders.

Then there is the question : How do you fight that??  You present absolute proof of someone being wrong and they still deny it.  They still press forward with adamant faith that they are right – despite all facts and evidence to the contrary.  Its okay if it is just one person who will be damaged or disappointed when they fail the ultimate test.  When it is an entire country, they should be prevented from going through with their plans.  Yeah, I know about all those movies where the one guy everyone thinks is a raving lunatic turns out to be right and saves the day.  However, the people trying to stop that guy are all going on “Belief” that he can’t possibly be right – despite the evidence.

So, what I am saying is, believe the Evidence.  Believe the Proof and the Facts.

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