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i26 Targets IVF

I was looking over the wording and came to a realization.  i26 Targets In Vitro Fertilization.

Bear with me here. Terminology is important.

How Conception Works :

The First step is getting the egg fertilized by the sperm.  This happens quite a lot.  It takes two to four days
from the moment of fertilization for the egg to get around to
implanting into the uterus. Up to 90% of fertilized eggs
don’t make it this far.  So, in an i26 world, more than half of all “persons” die a natural death before their mother is even pregnant.(source, source)

How many fertilized eggs complete the task of implantation?

A) 85 – 95%
B) 60 – 70%
C) 30 – 40%
D) 10 – 20%

Test your Knowledge!

The Next step is implantation.

Approximately one week after fertilization, the blastocyst embeds itself in the thickened wall of the uterus, a process called implantation, and pregnancy is established.(source)

So, why label a ‘person’ well before pregnancy occurs?  The only explanation is to be able to target IVF, Birth Control pills, Emergency Contraception and other Family Planning methods.

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