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How to Kill your Wife and get a Pardon

NOTICE : Don’t kill your wife.  There is nothing worth doing that for.  Just leave her – one of you deserves better and the other one needs to learn a life lesson. This post is about politics! Read part 2!

If you are tired of the old ball and chain, bring her to Mississippi to kill her – the governor will give you a pardon. Working as a trustee at the governor’s mansion helps a lot.

Here is a list of murders Haley Barbour pardoned

David Gatlin (wife killer)
Joseph Ozment
Anthony McCray
Michael David Graham (wife killer)
Clarence Jones (girlfriend killer)
Paul Joseph “Jody” Warnock (girlfriend killer)
Bobby Hays Clark (girlfriend killer)
William James Kimble

but no pardon for
Cory Maye – shot a cop during a botched drug raid on the wrong home.
No pardon for Jamie and Gladys Scott, who were each serving double consecutive life
sentences in state prison for a robbery in which no one was injured and
only $11 was taken. ( Barbour gave them a suspended sentence so the State didn’t have to pay their medical bills. )
Nothing for the innocent people imprisoned by the corrupt (in)Justice system in this state.

Now, the people of Mississippi have elected someone just like Barbour – who actually bragged on the fact – to continue this atrocity.  May the Gods all get together to help this state!

Articles abound :
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The stories about Hayne and West have been all over Mississippi’s
newspapers and TV and radio stations, and on a few occasions have made
national news. Yet Barbour hasn’t uttered a word about them. He hasn’t
expressed sympathy or apologized to Kennedy Brewer or Levon Brooks for
their wrongful incarceration (and in Brewer’s case, his near execution).
Nor, for that matter, has Barbour said anything about Cedric Willis,
another Mississippi man recently exonerated for a murder he didn’t
commit. “It’s disappointing that the governor’s mercy largesse hasn’t
reached the people whom Dr. Hayne and West affected—many of whom, unlike
the people the governor pardons, are unquestionably innocent,” says
Tucker Carrington, who heads up the Mississippi Innocence Project.

Read part 2!

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