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Republicans pass law to Close Private Business

More reasons to Not Vote Republican – ever!!

For all their talk of “Free Enterprise” and the “Free Market” when the chips are down, Republicans are the most anti-freedom, anti-business people on the planet.

Take for example this story of a business that the Republicans in Mississippi don’t like.  They have passed a new law heaping absurd regulations on the business.  The Lt. Governor and the Governor have both stated openly that they hope the new law, when signed, forces the business to close.

While Mississippi faces staggering unemployment and huge bills for
Public Assistance, the Republicans are introducing over two dozen bills
trying to close one private business instead of pass bills to spur job
creation and prosperity for all.

The Republicans have introduced around 24 (Twenty Four) bills on just one religiously driven social topic.  Zero (0) bills on creating jobs or helping struggling citizens (that I am aware of).  They have actually introduced a few bills that hurt citizens of Mississippi and waste our tax money in various ways.  The sad thing is that many of the things Republicans try to do are solidly unconstitutional, yet they waste our money on it anyway.

As for the Voters of Mississippi, Phil Bryant has gone on record saying that he is “not really concerned what they think, because their thinking is wrong.”

All of this time, money and energy spent on trying to close one single private business pretty much makes me think all of the Republicans have some severe mental health problems.

( Links – Kaiser Health, CNN )

The Republicans want the freedom to control other people.  They don’t want government to tell them what to do, but they want government to tell everyone else how to behave, what decisions to make, what option to take and what kind of church to go to.  When people start making choices Republicans don’t like, they turn to government to force them to comply with Republican choices.

Their disconnect with reality is startlingly apparent when they keep wanting to cut taxes, but still want the roads in good repair or law enforcement paid for.  They don’t want an unbiased, constitution bound government providing services for no profit. They want to get government out of as many services as possible, because they want unregulated private businesses to profit from exploiting the citizens.

The Republicans also are rabidly against Democracy.  Just look at all of the voter suppression laws they endorse and pass.  In one state, they have actually gone so far as to pass laws allowing them to suspend democracy all together! They accuse Democrats of such things and deride them for even suggesting such – then they go and DO it.

“The GOP have lost their platform, and what they’re scrambling around is oppressive.” – Picturamadoj

“If you look back over the last century, the Republican and Democratic
parties have basically switched positions.  Republicans used to be the
liberals, ushering in radical progress and diversity while the Democrats
were the ones hanging on to the past, trying to sure up the Old White
Male power.
Now, its completely reversed.
Lincoln would be a Democrat today.” – Me, based on discussions with Willice and others.

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