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#mynameanagramsto – Just for Fun

I saw this on Twitter.

So, I tried it.

My Name – Bobby Kearan – Anagrams To :

A Baby Broken

Try yours at Internet Anagram Server or Anagram Genius.

Anagram Genius spits out one – A Baby Broken – but IAS gives you lots of options.

Here are some of my IAS results : ( I’ve rearranged the ones in italics to make more sense )

A Baby Broken – Wow… I feel so exposed right now…

A Bye Bar Knob – What do you say we get outta here?
A Barb By Keno – Keno is slinging some harsh words, yo!
Ye Knob A Barb – Having sex with a superficial blonde woman?
A Bare Knobby – Kind of illicit.
A Bark Be Bony
A Bone By Bark
A Bark By Bone   
A Bear Knobby – It’s big I tells ya, big as a bear!!
A Bye Bra Knob – What do you say you get outta that thing?
A Kebab By Nor
Yak Born Abbe
No Bark Abbey  – A name for a manor?
Abbey Bark On
Yak Born Babe
Baby Ark Bone
No Baby Baker
Baby Baker On
Baby Boar Ken
No Brake Baby 
Baby Brake On
No Break Baby 
Baby On Break
Bark Bane Boy – Don’t make that noise around me!
Bar Any Kebob
Aye Barb Knob
By Barb En Oak 
By Oaken Barb – A sharp oak stick is all I need to take ye down!
Bare Knob Bay  – Interesting place for a vacation!
Bark Bay Bone
Barn Be By Oak  – Where is the barn??
Barn Ya Kebob – Another way to say Stable Your Stallion or Zip Your Pants!!
Bean Bark Boy
Bear Bank Boy
Bear Bay Knob
Bear Yank Bob – And so, Bob goes up to the bear and yanks on his tail!!
Brake Ban Boy – “I ain’t got no brakes and thats the way I like it!!”
Bran Oak Be By
Break Ban Boy
Kabob Near By – There is always a skewer of grilled meat a veggies somewhere close…
Kebab Barony – King of the Grill beware!!
Oak Ran Ebb By

Adding my middle name into AG comes up with ‘Bleak or by banana’ – which makes no sense whatsoever.

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