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Twisted Metal and Bluetooth

So, for my birthday, my wife got me a Sena Helmet Bluetooth and a Hair Twistie.

I just tried them both out on a 30 mile trip, some back roads, some interstate.

The Reviews:

The Sena Bluetooth worked pretty good.  I had my foam earplugs in and I could hear the music playing and voices on the phone.  Not at the same time.  Learning the controls will be the most difficult part of owning the headset.  I rode to a restaurant and while there, I put in the speaker risers – two discs of puffed out velcro.  That improved the sound quality, brining the speakers closer to my ears.  At 55 mph, the phone call was good and clear, easy conversation.  At 70 mph on the interstate, the call was a bit difficult.  Of course, that was before I had the speaker risers in, so I figure that helped a good deal.
UPDATE: The call quality with the speaker risers is pretty good.  The caller and I can communicate very well at 70mph.  It has come in handy already!

The Hair Twistie did it’s job.  I’m also thinking it did a good job of adding some sun flashes to increase visibility.  I got photos for the Hair Twistie review :

Before the Ride

Helmet on

After the ride

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