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Equipment I Need for the Long Motorcycle Trip

Note: I’ve updated the map with planned places to tent-camp for the night.  Next step in the map-making department is adding planned Gas stops and Food.

I have a Sissy Bar and luggage rack with a roll bag.  I have a standard tent ( I have to repair the poles on it ) and a sleeping bag.  I have a clothes roll.

Still, there are a few items that I feel that I really need before I make the almost 6,000 mile loop.

The first thing I need is a good seat.  I am looking at getting the Comfort Max Gel Jumbo Seat Pad. $114.95, sheep skin cover.  The AMA rider testing seemed to like it well enough.  I won’t be doing any ‘high spirited riding.’

The second thing I need is some Highway Pegs – without Highway Bars.  For this, I am looking at Comfort Ride Zone’s peg support.  $74.99. I’ll need to find some male mount pegs to go with them, but that should not be too hard.

The third thing I need is a way to charge my cell phone while on the go.  It could be a solar charger or a battery-connected usb charger for the motorcycle.  If I get a Tank Bag, then there is a charger for use with a tank bag or saddle bag.

The last thing that I really, really need is a good rain suit.  I think I want the blue Rev’It Pacific H20 Rainsuit. $119.99  Maybe the Frogg Toggs?  I just want to stay dry.  Another possibility is to spray my existing rain suit – which leaks like crazy – with the tent-waterproofing stuff.  Maybe some tape along the seams to help repel water.

In addition to the things that I really must have for the trip, there are some things that I really want to have!

I kind of want to have a different sleeping arrangement.  Sleeping on the ground, even with a sleeping bag, can be rough.  What I would like, is an Explorer Deluxe from Hennessy Hammock.

One of the things that I want to get out of this trip is the memories.  I already have a nice DSLR camera and a couple lenses.  What would be great would be to have video!  The Drift HD would be a great camera to capture the ride with.

Saddlebags ( check out ) would be very useful on such a long trip.  A sleeping pad for the tent would make it a lot more comfortable, if I don’t get a Hammock to sleep in.  A Rider backrest might be nice to have on a long trip.

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