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Built us a Shed

Willice decided that we need a deep freezer.  We don’t have any room in the house, so I decided that the best option was to get a Shed Kit and built it on the concrete parking pad beside the house – that we never use to park on.
We ordered the Majestic shed kit from Home Depot.  I went a got some more 2x4s after it came in to reenforce the floor a little bit.  The kit arrived on a flatbed truck and I tore into it immediately.

I got the foundation set up and leveled, with some help from George.  I quickly decided that it was better to work in the shade.  I used the canopy that I bought for taking to Thunder Ridge Motorcycle Rally.

Sweet relief from the blazing sun!!

The foundation plan called for 2′ centers.  I added a few 2x4s and came up with something a bit off… but stronger.  The ones in the picture above are not screwed in, just laid out. 

Leveling was a bit interesting.

The plan called for having one 2×4 on this joint.  I bought the steel plate and make it two 2x4s for a stronger foundation.  There were two such joints, one on each side.  The shed is 12′ long and they used 1 8′ 2×4 and a 4′ 2×4 to make the span instead of one 12′ – because it all had to fit nicely onto the pallet.

The Floor coming together.  The shed kit didn’t include the flooring, just the floor frame, so I went for a very sturdy floor!

Sawing, screwing, hammering, cutting, sweeping.  It gets exhausting.

Floor is done and the walls are coming together!  Well, I’m building the walls.  George is helping after the first wall.  Really need two people to lift if without breaking something.  The lumber is 2×3 and warped.  The walls also have the joint like the floor did, but I couldn’t find a good way to make it sturdier.  I don’t think I’d find a good 12′ 2×3.

One wall flipped over and one wall laid out.

George checking out our progress.

I’m tired and those walls are flimsy.

The loft frame helps me feel better about the walls not falling outward.

All four walls are up and the roof is on.  With warped wood, Square is just a theory.

For all the warping, the only problem area on the roof is quite small.

I haven’t been able to get the shingles yet, so the roof is tarp’d.  We are wanting to match the new shingles on the house and those are from Lowes, so we have to get the money and then go all the way across the county to pick them up.

The windows and the wrap-around shelf.

The Work-bench has already proven useful.

I have wired up two power outlets, two switch-controlled power outlets to run the lights and a switch for the soon-to-be mounted outside motion detection flood light.  Now I have to get an electrician to hook up the power.  Well, make sure that I haven’t gotten something messed up, then connect the power.

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