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Racism – Reaction to a video

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Charlie Cheon made a right-wing fan video talking about how minorities and the left, liberals and progressives are now abusing and oppressing white people. “The rising tide of racial hatred against white people.” No shit. Now, that isn’t to say all kinds of racism isn’t happening – but to blame liberals and progressives for it? To swing right-wing because we’ve now got a little closer to equality? Now, as usual with right-leaning videos, they don’t show the other side of the story – white racism against pretty much every other race in existence. This is playing right into the fascist bent of the conservative narrative and ret-conning of the last few hundred years. We all have prejudices, but we can recognize, learn and correct them when necessary. Racism isn’t a left-leaning, liberal nor progressive value – we are anti-racist and have been fighting it for centuries. We are not the ones wanting to ban all Muslims. We are not the ones wanting to “keep the blood of our nation pure.” The Trump inspired violence after he was elected in 2016 proves this – they went after anyone and everyone who looked different, even if they were born here. Charlie’s ‘revelation’ against liberals is wrong-headed, at best, despite his anti-racism being on point. (and he uses Melania’s phrase, “Do Better” at the end, as if we didn’t know he was a right-wing tool.)

To be fair, some of the TikTok videos are some really stupid people. (That said, I do respond to ‘kill two birds with one stone’ with “what you got against birds?” or something similar.) … and who eats Cicadas and Cheese???

There is still systemic racism – it can’t be changed overnight, and it is wrong to ignore it. There are still damages from segregation, redlining, gerrymandering and other systemic problems to be stopped, resolved and rectified. I talk about this a lot – but for people who were trapped in the desperation of poverty for generations, how are they to know how to escape if they don’t get the information – and they can’t get it for themselves, because they don’t know what they don’t know. There is more to be done, for Equality, Justice and Truth.

I’m just asking you not to fall for the propaganda aspect. Reject racism of all kinds – stay liberal, stay woke. And, as some people like to say, “Yes, we can!”

Here are links to items used or referenced in the video so you can look it up yourself.

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… and on Racism… White people do have some problems, here in the USA. My heritage is Rural Southern USA – ethnically, I am Scottish, Irish, German, Native American, and French – I was raised with none of those cultural backgrounds. I am just an American Mutt White boy. I think that is where some of the current problems arise – we don’t really have a culture other than Redneck American or other regional identities. The whole “You will not replace us!” bullshit – this is The United States Of America, the cultural melting pot of the world. If you don’t want your culture replaced – go to wherever you think your cultural roots are, because in the USA, they are going to get blended – and that is perfectly fine. We just have to come to terms with it.

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