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Christmas Gifts

So, apparently I am fairly difficult to shop for. As with, I think, many adults, if I want something, I pretty much buy it for myself. So, here are some gift ideas (for me) that may help you buy for other, hard to gift for, individuals.

So, I am a bearded fellow, and #BeardsNeedLoveToo – Every guy wants a well crafted beard, and Crafted Beards has what you need. The Sandalwood Bourbon Beard Care Gift Set would be an amazing gift. Or the Cedar Leather scent. The Beard Oil, Balm and Conditioner are pretty much all that is ‘needed’ for beard care – the Wash and Butter are just pampering. You can get 10% off by using code BKBeard to get this American Made product.

Well Crafted Beards

Of course, if you can’t find a scent you like there, there is always the made in Canada, Viking inspired beard care – you know Vikings are famous for their beards – of The Beard Struggle (I recommend Viking Storm scent).

As a hiker and hammock camper – even if I don’t get to go as often as I’d like – hammocks and hiking gear are always welcome… well, okay, maybe I have enough hammocks, gear slings, guest hammocks and hammock straps… and bug nets. I may even have enough rain flys (tarps). But who couldn’t use more unique camping gear? Madera Outdoor has good quality items. Plus, each purchase helps families and plants trees – because #HammocksNeedTrees

Well, they don’t always have trees available, so something like a Hammock Stand is needed, for like, setting up in the basement. Or this Hammock Stand… but for the lightweight hiking camper, it would have to be the Tensa4.

One thing I only have one of – the One Tigris Underquilt – that I could use a second – just in case I ever have a guest or fiance’ to go hammock camping with me – is another Underquilt – maybe OneWind this time.

Now, the one thing that would get me to give up the Hammock, would be a tree tent! I really want to give one of these a try – higher off the ground, bottom entrance, can get a ladder entrance. Wonder if they have an underquilt for them?

Now, I am not one for getting your average body care, but the American Provenance deodorant is very nice – it works, it is American Made and the Patchouli smells great. I thought that the Firepits and Flannels would smell great… I mean, I am all about both… but it smelled more like neighbor Hank’s fat dip of chewing tobacco. Wintergreen. I guess the smell is okay, but the scent-association I have with it makes it… unpalatable. I think I might like the Fastballs and Fisticuffs scent (Lemongrass), even though I like neither reference, or maybe the Shotguns and Shenanigans (Peppermint) if the cypress and eucalyptus overpower the peppermint. I have no idea what the Horseshoes and Handgrenades would even smell like – what is Ylang Ylang? The description of the essential oil sounds like I could use it… lol.

Oh, on the subject of body care – hair care! I have started using bar shampoo and conditioner from Earthling Co. So far, they are great. Going to get a soap bar from them when my current one runs out. No bulky shampoo bottles in the shower! Can take them camping in the Sisal soap saver bags!! Win-Win.

And, on to Motorcycle – yes, I think a Heated Vest and Gloves would be great. Earbuds that fit for hearing GPS while I ride – without wires – would be great as well. Or just one earbud, and I can plug the other ear?

I may add to this as I come up with more ideas – but mostly… if I really want something, I get it. 😀

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