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Christmas 2021

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It is that time of year again! So, in gift giving, I am a proponent of giving (and getting) gifts that are not practical – things that the receiver wants, but may not be entirely a reasonable expenditure – something they want, but don’t think its a need or don’t want to spend the money on it or… whatever reason they won’t buy it for themselves (yet).

This year, I’ve seen some really cool things! Like the Zukoc Cloak :

It seems to be a good, long cloak with a hood. Two color options. The green would be great for me.

This survival shovel multitool would be pretty awesome to take on overnight or longer hiking trips.

Another piece of clothing – something that I usually don’t like to receive as a gift – has made the list this year. Teren Designs Traveller’s pants.

I like recording my hikes so my wonderful wife can kinda be a part of my outdoor adventures. So, an accessory that would be really awesome to have would be a Gimble selfie stick. Or, maybe video shades? Or, even an actual Video Recorder that takes external mics, etc..

Now, no good wish list would be complete without some more hammock gear… Still would like a Tensa 4. But, the next thing I would like would be a new hammock from a Cottage hammock company – not a big production company kind of place – and I really got a bit overwhelmed with the whole list of options, which I may go over in detail about in another post… but I digress. A lot of quality hammock companies cater to the less than 6′ tall and under 250 pounds crowd – which I am neither. The things I looked for were a hammock at least 11 feet long, a built in ridge-line and can hold over 350 pounds – just in case I gain back most of the weight. So, with those in mind, I settled on the Superior Hammock Storm Bundle with the following options:
Storm Bundle
Hammock Color: Royal Hammock Length: 11 ft
Hammock Winter Upgrade: 30F 3-Season Rating
Elite Superior Hammock Upgrade: Standard Superior Hammock
Bug Net: Full Bug Net Suspension: Superior Suspension System – 7oz, 400lbs
Shelter Color: Sky  Rope Color: Neon
Shelter Option: Winter Shelter 12: Rectangle with Full Doors, 12ft, 18oz

I almost regulated Mythical Meats to the “Other Ideas” section, but re-thought Mythical Meats Sampler Pack or Humanoids. These are meat sticks with a variety of exotic meat blends – turkey, venison, ostrich, alligator, elk, bison, and more. Some are spicy. They are named after mythological creatures – such as Dragon (Alligator Cajun w/ Beef), Griffin (Ostrich w/ Beef) and Kraken (Duck Maple w/ Beef). The Humanoids pack contains such things as TROLL (Smoked Alpaca w/ Smoked Beef), WEREWOLF (Venison Teriyaki w/ Smoked Beef) and YETI (Smoked Andouille Yak w/ Smoked Beef). Oh, and they are VERY good and tender, juicy, etc. Worth a try! They also have out a Gobbler pack and a Reindeer flavors pack.

Some other ideas : MindInSole inserts. A Snowflake Multitool. Pretty much anything in the Epic Meats line, though I like the Salmon Bites, I am interested in trying the Epic Bars as well. A Smart Inflation device for car tires to toys. Or a water flosser.

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