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Adding a little PayBAK

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So, this is a post to introduce PayBAK – a … well, I dunno… Series, Post Type or something… where I plan on Paying it Forward. Writing about things I’ve learned, book or product reviews and such things.

Paying it Forward with PayBAK

As you can see, I even got a logo or two to go with them. Hopefully, these will provide a two-fold purpose – to share and improve lives, and maybe get me some affiliate funds coming in. Not everything I recommend or share will be an affiliate link, but some will.

The Beard Struggle over on the Right Sidebar –> is an affiliate link – I am a Brand Viking – because their products are just really good. I tried others, even making a video about all the ones I found and looked at, but The Beard Struggle is really the best I’ve found. American Provenance over there also has beard products, but haven’t put out any scents that I think would be good. Really wanted to like Firepits and Flannels, but it smells like Wintergreen chewing tobacco… nasty.

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