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Grotpeter Trail

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I went to hike somewhere new – but somewhere close as well – and Castlewoods State Park is about the closest moderate hike there is. I didn’t actually want to do my normal Lone Wolf attack-the-hill-first hike, although I don’t think I have a good video on it yet, so I looked on AllTrails for a new hike in the park – and Grotpeter was it! A 4 mile loop that appears to touch all four corners of the park.

Grotpeter Trail – Castlewoods State Park, MO

Filming with the new cell-phone gimble was pretty cool – and I think it looks a bit smoother… ? What do you think?

I did a little political comment by supporting Carhartt a little bit – I’ve had and worn the beanie for a while now, though, so its not like I went out and bought it just for that. All in all, it was a pretty good hike, easier than many in the area, but not a breeze – just perfect. It also appears that if I want to keep the Hike and Hang going, I am going to have to go on longer hikes, starting earlier in the day – because I wasn’t really “hammock ready” the whole hike. Maybe around the time I made it to the car – so almost 5 miles of hiking before I could have used a hang break.

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