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This day in Bobistory

Well, today I mailed off my application for my life insurance agent’s license. I passed the test with an 84. It cost me $20, but I’m going to get that back from the place I work… a Funeral Home.
I am technically a Family Service Counselor… I sell people pre-need funeral arrangements… or at least try. I haven’t made a sell yet. People don’t want to talk about it. I mean, people save thousands, it saves the family lots of hard decisions and coming up with all kinds of information at the time of a death. I think its one of the best things you can do for your family. I plan to get a pre-plan soon. It will save me THOUSANDS.

Anyway, I don’t deal well with people anyway. I not a good talker or communicator. I prefer the written word. I don’t have the same ideas about death and grieving as most people either. I want to help people, but I’m not sure about how to sell them a pre-need funeral. *Shrug*

I changed my cell phone number to a local number today. Paid on my cell phone bill, which is very high at the moment. Of course, I paid on it because I got a check from working for ONE day! 444 bucks! ONE DAY. I wish I could make that steady, but the tech work is so unsteady it isn’t funny.

zupi lmpe. oy oe epmfrtgi; ejrm upi str pmr lru pgg pg yjr jp,r lrud/
You know, it is wonderful when you are one key off of the home keys

Tomorrow is the Fourth and I am off work… well, mostly, I have to deliver a box (the register book and such) to a family. I am going to spend most of the day with Subtle_Shadow doing relaxing or at least very fun things. 🙂

… and the name is grAywalker.. Graywalker. ( I am the Hawk’s Fire, the Wolf of the Winds)

Okay, I think I’m done now… Que Serra Serra.

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