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Listening to the Public?

Lets just pick a small thing here.  The Bush Tax Cuts – which Bush and cronies designed to expire.  The Republicans say they are listening to their constituents and want to extend the tax cuts for everybody.

However, that is not what their constituents want.  A few polls show that roughly 48% of Citizens want the tax cuts extended only for those making $250,000 or less.  37% want the rich to partake in the extension.  A bold 14% want to end the tax cuts for everyone – those are the people who are serious about bringing down the deficit.  And to round things out, 2% surveyed had no opinion.  So, at total of 62% of ‘constituents’ do not want tax cuts extended to the rich.

When these FACTS are evaluated – how can the republicans claim to be listening to the voters? How can they say with a straight face that they want to reduce the deficit?

Here are my calculations on the polls conducted :

And a little footnote article to read – Let’s not do the crazy thing

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