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Facts and Figures

Well, the GOP is in charge and they have pledged to not introduce a bill that will increase the deficit… and have already broke their promise – day one.  Their proposal to repeal the Affordable Care Act, you know – the one they have labeled “Obamacare” and told numerous lies about, will add $230 Billion to the deficit.  (although they contend that those are only ‘facts’ and have nothing to do with policy.)

While they still claim they will cut spending by $100 Billion… er.. maybe $50 Billion… at least a little…  they are realistically looking at increasing the deficit by a Trillion!

They continue their policy of catering to the ultra-rich to the detriment of the middle class.  I am amazed at the amazing number of middle class and poor who tow the “rich people need more money” mindset dictated by the GOP platform.  Seriously, there are people out there whose whole family has never broke $30k a year that are totally outraged by the idea of an Estate Tax (which, by the way, currently only affects estates over $5 million – or less than one-half of 1 percent of people who die in 2011, was 3.5 million).  What are these people smoking?? (probably cigarettes while cooking their meth)  Its another GOP “feed the rich, raise the deficit, punish the poor” policy platform.

From one of the articles cited above:

But out of the gate, the House majority passed a package of rules on Wednesday that will allow Congress to slash taxes without having to make up for the lost government revenue in spending cuts—a change that Democrats insist could explode the deficit. Under the Democrats’ “pay-as-you-go” rules—introduced during the Clinton era and continued under President Obama—Congress had to match every spending increase or tax cut with a commensurate spending cut or tax increase. The GOP has now upended “pay-go” with “cut-go” rules, under which tax cuts don’t have to be paid for and tax increases can’t offset spending hikes. 

They make a big show of talking about reducing the deficit – just don’t pay any attention to what they actually do.

It seems to me that Republicans are trying to do everything they can to ensure and escalate the destruction of our Nation.

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