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FACT : I will be getting an extra $400+ per year, over last year, in my paycheck this year because of the Tax Deal – while people making under $20k see their paychecks drop. Another win for the well-off and rich! (“Making work Pay credit” replaced by “Payroll tax holiday”)
FACT : NAFTA (and others) big businesses go overseas to hire people to make their stuff, and they do. So, yes, companies hire foreign workers, but not illegal immigrants in the U.S. as much. (Yes, Clinton signed it, but Bush I negotiated and agreed to it.  Bush made the deal, Clinton had to keep OUR word)
FACT : Businesses do not create jobs – no matter how many tax breaks, deregulation or what you give them, they hire for one reason ONLY – they HAVE to. Whether to keep up with Demand or Growth or to run their business, fix their equipment, etc. They are Profit focused. Job Creation and the whole economy is driven by ONE group only – Consumers – the 98% of us the GOP seeks to screw over on a daily basis. They are Killing Jobs by making it easier for all of our hard earned money to be funneled UP to the ultra rich, where it sits in Savings and Trust Funds.  This economic model is doomed to Failure!
FACT : (percentages vary from year to year) Yes, 10% of the population pay 60% of the taxes – but they control over 90% of all the wealth. What that means? Only 10 to 20% of our total National Wealth is free to drive the economy.

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