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Lies you Believe and the Facts

Congress gets government healthcare!
Federal workers are overpaid!
The Affordable Care Act (Health Insurance Reform) is a Job-killer!
Health Insurance Reform will make premiums skyrocket!

… all outright lies.
Congress members have employer provided private insurance just like many of us.  So, when Credo Mobile and other liberal organizations ask you to write your congressperson and tell them to give up their Government Run Health Insurance first, well, they are just wrong.  Just like many employers, the Fed gets a pretty good deal because of the sheer number of employees receiving coverage – they negotiate.

Federal workers are overpaid – not.  Many, in fact, are underpaid in comparison with comparable private sector jobs in the same geographical location.  Oh, sure, the “Average Federal Employee” is paid a lot more than the “Average Private Sector Employee,” but that is like comparing apples to grapes.  We all know that most private sector employees make under $30k a year, but $30k is around the starting salary for most federal employees.  There are not many fry cook positions in the Federal Government.  Here is something to try – you know how much you make per year.  Now, go to a Federal Jobs site and find out how much you could make doing your same or similar job in your state.  For my current position, pay is from $2,000 to $14,000 less than what I make now.  Although, there were some postings that I found very interesting, they had lots more responsibility and requirements than my current position.

The Health Insurance Reform, labeled as “Obamacare” to give the totally false perception that it is a government takeover of health care, will actually have minimal impact on jobs – if any.  It actually increases jobs in the medical and insurance professions.  Why the big hooplah? Conservatives fear any and all change – for any reason.  It is the main idea behind Conservative philosophy – keep it all the same.  Even to the point of going back to the Bush era that got us in this economic mess in the first place!

The claim that the Health Insurance Reform will make premiums skyrocket – but that is WHY the bill was done in the first place – because premiums HAVE BEEN skyrocketing out of control.  Most of the Affordable Care Act is not even in force yet, so premiums are continuing their trend of going up, but it is NOT because of the ACA.  In fact, there is more money given to states to keep rates low and prevent rate hikes – what? You didn’t know that some state insurance commissions have approval control over rate hikes? Yes, they do.  Some states, however, don’t want to, so, yeah, those will likely see arbitrary rate increases – because they allow it with no regulation – just what the GOP wants.

The Rich do, still, get Richer.

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