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Health Insurance Across State Lines

Okay, so the Repugnant bastards in the House of Supposed Representatives have voted to Repeal the Affordable Care Act as a “Job Killer“.  They have a replacement – which refers to a 2009 bill – with most of the same things.
While stating that it does not want to implement a “Government Takeover” – in:


The “Common Sense” bill does exactly what it states that it wishes to avoid – creates a federal government takeover of Health Insurance.

Here is the thing – There are only Thirty Seven health insurance companies nationwide.  Most are subsidiaries of even fewer companies.  They all have ‘branches’ in each state that operate by that state’s Health Insurance regulations.  Each state branch is essentially it’s own company, with it’s own employees.  What do you think will happen when the federal government strips the states’ right to regulate it’s own Health Insurance industry? (you know, allowing state residents to buy from where-ever)  Think of credit card companies – they are almost all based in Delaware.  If this “Stupid Sense” law gets passed by the corporate profit-above-health loving repugnant  party of no, all insurance companies are going to consolidate – probably to Delaware – and you are going to have fewer companies, offering fewer benefits for more money.  In addition, they are going to close all their state offices as unnecessary – killing hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Where is the “common sense” in that?

So much for the “Undo everything and increase the deficit republican congress

(and a link to the stupid article that helped inspire this post.  As well as some unrelated good medical news for those of us who are unmarried and rely more on good friends than family while in the hospital)

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