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State of the Union

I watched the SOTU address and the twitter feed for the hashtag #SOTU.  What struck me was the overwhelming number of twits saying something like, “How is Obama giving the speech and tweeting at the same time?” – referring to the twitter account @BarackObama sending tweets during the speech.  That just shows how petty people can be – also that they were not even interested in listening and evaluating the speech, just attacking the President.

The speech itself was pretty great.  There were some points that I thought were a bit wonky, like the “americans will see their paycheck increase” – I tweeted “yeah, if you make over $20k a year!!”  Which may or may not be totally accurate as far as paychecks go, but end-of-year the poor get screwed.  All in all, the “tax holiday” is another “the rich get richer” scheme that screws those of us who can least afford it already.  Still, he was mostly truthful.

Then, I went to bed.  I was not interested in listening to the lies the right-wing, GOP, ‘conservative’ nutters were no doubt going to spew.  As it turns out – I was right.  Paul Ryan lied up a storm.  Michele Bachmann didn’t do much better.  Media Matters already have their good fact-checking of Ryan and Bachmann up.  Politifact has a brief bit on Ryan and Bachmann. has not done anything on the SOTU yet.

Looking forward to opinions… 😀

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