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It is not the Government taking your money!

The top 10% of income takers – because you can’t earn that kind of money – are walking away with 149% of all gains in income.  But, one hundred forty nine percent is more than the whole, you say?  Yes, it is.  Some of that is because the income for the bottom 90% fell, dropped, was stolen by the top 10%.

You can admire “Job Creators” or “The Wealthy” all you want, but the top 10% are not either.  They are the Uber Rich Robber Barons of modern times.  They create wealth for themselves at the expense of others – only now it is on a National or even Global scale.

The fact is that the tax burden is the lowest it has been in a very long time.  We are all paying less taxes than in 1979.  So why are people complaining about high taxes – because taxes are lower than they have been in decades?

Republicans want to destroy the government.  They want to turn control of the United States of America over to the corporations and the uber-wealthy robber barons.  What else can be happening?

In looking for supporting documentation, I found a Politifact article.

Conservatives note that even though the rates are dropping, upper-income
Americans still account for the lion’s share of the nation’s income tax
revenue. “So while it is true that tax rates … are significantly lower
than they were 30 years ago, the rich are paying a lot more of the
overall tax burden,” says Cato Institute economist Dan Mitchell. Federal figures show that the top 5 percent of taxpayers accounted for more than half of the income tax dollars paid.

Well, Duh-hu, Danny boy!  The rich are taking more than the lion’s share of income, they SHOULD be paying the lion’s share of taxes, Genius!  The top’s income is rising and the middle and lower’s debt is rising.  The greed of “The Rich” and the sycophants that worship them are destroying the country!

On a side note – a bone jarring funny :

Apparently, replacing cartilage fixes scanning or printing problems!

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