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Genetics Blows Bigotry’s flimsy basis away

So, some mental Neanderthal claimed that ‘it is proven’ that Black people come from Neanderthals and White people come from a more advanced ancestor.

Well, that is just not true.  In fact, the factor that determined skin color is….

The Amount of Sunlight
Yes, as our common ancestors grew in population and spread out over the Earth, those who went to cloudy, rainy areas got pale.
Where our ancestors moved to and lived for thousands of years determined their skin color – and hair color.  I can just imagine the taunts and bullying that the lighter skinned children received at first.  Just because they were adapting so they could get more vitamin D from the sun in the cloudy region they were born into.
We all have African genetic traits in our DNA.  Some of us just changed more to fit our less sunny environments, our more forested environment, etc.
So, come on, people, now, smile on your brother, everybody get together and love one another right now….  🙂

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