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Work History – long, varied and just weird

I was getting a drink at the little store on the bottom floor of my office and the lady behind the counter mentioned that she was off Friday, but today was inventory, so it balanced out.  I mentioned that I used to take inventory professionally.  That got me wondering what all HAVE I done?  Well, here it is :

First real job – besides having a watermelon stand – was working as a helper/stocker at a video rental place.  I think I was ‘let go’ from that job for refusing to sweep an aisle with a customer in it.  My granny always taught me to do unto others as you would have them do unto you – and I wouldn’t want someone sweeping me out of the aisle when I was trying to decide on a movie to rent.

I’ve also :

Worked as a cashier/janitor at a gas station – midnight to early am shift.

Construction Gofer

Inventory taker – going around with those hip-calculators taking inventory at gas stations, grocery stores and retail outlets.

Telemarketer – offering tickets to a country music concert for donations to a fire department.

Setup worker – installing shelves, aisles and such for a retail store – K-Mart if I recall.

Coliseum worker – setting up chairs and tables, event cleanup, furniture and inventory moving on a college campus.

Warehouse worker – going from unloading freight to putting unloaded freight on pallets to taking pallets to stock, using a man-up forklift, to pulling freight for loading onto the trucks.

Security Guard – I don’t want to talk about it.

Semi Tractor-Trailer driver, over-the-Road 48 states and Canada.

Wal-Mart stockman / garden center cashier

Furniture Upholstry line worker – furniture would roll by, I’d put my two tacking strips on and send it on past.  Got scars from that.

Telephone System (PBX) and Security Alarm installer – running wire, drilling holes, punching down wires, programming.  Three differnt companies at different times.  Set up Voice-Over-IP, set up a call center, Homes, Businesses.

Telephone System salesman

Pre-Planned Funeral salesman (basically Insurance salesman, had to get licensed)

Appliance salesman at Rex.

I went to classes to sell Rainbow Vaccuums and work at Radio Shack, but didn’t follow through with either.

Home Builder General Assistant – I’d do whatever needed to be done, from leveling the lot, laying sod, meeting inspectors, power-washing existing homes, taking photos, doing a website, doing the accounting, mowing yards, taking a punch list, delivering papers, etc.

Corporate Computer Help Desk – taking computer related calls and fixing issues.

I’ve done a lot of stuff.

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