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Obama’s Free Cell Phones

Here is one annoying thing about Conservatives – their simple minded parroting of Fox News talking points like “Obama is giving out free cell phones!”

I’m not sure how the parrot phrase got started, but some people do get free cell phones from the government, some discounted or partially paid for.  The program is called LifeLine and it was started in 1985 – during the Reagan administration when the Republicans controlled the Senate, Democrats the House.  Of course, back then it was free or discounted land lines.

“Lifeline for the past 25 years has helped tens of millions of low-income
Americans afford basic phone service.  Access to telephone service is
essential for finding a job, connecting with family, or getting help in
an emergency, and the percentage of low-income households with phone
service has increased from 80% in 1985, when Lifeline began, to nearly
92% last year.”

 “The Lifeline program is administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC).”

“On January 31, 2012, the Commission adopted comprehensive reform and modernization of the Lifeline program.”

GOPhers seem to think Obama is micromanaging every minute detail about government and government programs and that the congress they have mired in do-nothing gridlock has no control whatsoever over anything.  I don’t recall anyone talking about “Reagan’s handing out phone service!” back in 1985.

Trying to figure out their mental processes that come up with “Obama is giving out free cell phones,” the only thing I can come up with is extreme hatred of anyone with less advantages or opportunity than themselves, whether that be by race, income or ability.

It is like they want to make sure that nobody else has any chance to get ahead – particularly ahead of them.  And then they wonder why the economy sucks.  ( Hint : They are taking money away from people and siphoning it up to the top 2% and 2% having all the money can’t maintain a functioning economy. )

Then you have the ridiculous jokes about, “I forgot my password – I should call up the NSA and get them to tell me what it is.”  Again, blaming it on Obama when they cheered the passing of the law that set all of it up – the Patriot Act, written by Republicans, passed by Republicans, signed by a Republican – but NOW it is a bad thing.  Right.

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