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DIY Motorcycle Clothes Dry Roll

Redneck Engineered Motorcycle Bedroll Pack for Clothes or Do-It-Yourself Motorcycle Luggage.

You are going on a big trip on your motorcycle, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on waterproof luggage and are wondering how to keep your clothes dry? … so, here is how I did it.

Start with a 5’x5′ canvas drop cloth from Home Depot.  It has a leak-proof backing, which will be the inside of the roll.

Get some waterproofing spray and spray on the non-backing side, the canvas.  This is for extra insurance against water.

Lay your clothes on the drop cloth.  Use the shiny ‘leak-proof’ layer as the inside.

Fold up the ‘bottom’

Fold the sides over to  cover the clothes.  This prevents water from coming in sideways.
I folded down the sides and folded the top down – just an option.

Roll the drop cloth up – making a Roll Bag.

Attach tarp clips to the end.  I took the pic with three, but ended up using only two.

Use a bungee to wrap around the roll, hook to the tarp clip.

I used three PowerTye Soft Tyes to attach to the front of my motorcycle.  One went over, two went under.  I used bungee balls to connect the two that went under to the one that went over the top.  This provides for stability – a three-point-stance so to speak.

I used small bungees to wrap around the center strap and connect to the bungees holding the roll.  This connected everything and prevents side-to-side sliding while on the road.
It rained for 110 miles on this trip.
When I got to the hotel : 
All nice and dry!

As a bonus – no scratches or rub marks on the chrome!

Everything you need to make it (except the bungee cords):

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