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You’ve got it all wrong about the U.S. Governmnet

“People should not fear their government, Government should fear their people.”

“The Government is spying on us.”

Well, here is a newsflash, people…  We ARE The Government.  The United States of America is a Democratic Republic By The People, For The People.

The people in power are the ones YOU put there.

You want the government to change, you want to change government?  Stop electing rich, white, christian men.  Start electing people like Bernie Sanders (I) and Elizabeth Warren (D).

Vote for people who never went to Law School.  Vote for Farmers – not CEOs of large Agri-Businesses.  Vote for the local country store owners, not the CEOs of large oil companies.  Vote for the IT guy, not the owner of a massive retail chain.  Vote for the Scientists, not for the Televangelists.  Vote for people who believe in the Constitution as ACTUALLY written more than the recently added (ie, 1956) “Under God” part of the Pledge.

Vote for people who can’t afford to launch massive media campaigns.  Vote for people who care more about leaving this world a better place for everyone’s children more than making a quick profit.  Vote for people who won’t sell their vote for campaign cash.

Use our Laws, our Constitution, to fight the rich and powerful organizations that seek to usurp our country and claim our Government as their own.  Fight Monsanto, the Koch Brothers, ALEC, etc.  Our Constitution is set up to protect the Individual from the Powerful, from the Majority.

We ARE The People, We ARE our Government.

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