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Lime Kiln Loop Hike

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Well, the day did not go according to planned. I started out with the intent to hike at Don Robinson – which turned out to be too far of a drive for the late start that I got. So, I opted to go to the much closer Dr. Edmund A. Babler Memorial State Park. So, I arrived at the entrance to Babler – and they had a bunch of people there turning people away because they were hunting deer in the park. The lady suggested Rockwoods for hiking. Just go a bit further down 109. Okay, I asked google and headed that way – stopping along the way to pull up Alltrails app and make sure I was going to the right place – yep, Rockwoods Reservation has hiking.
It was a beautiful drive to the trailhead – which was completely full, so I drove by slowly, hoping for a turn around up ahead. Fortunately, there was another trailhead…. well, picnic parking. So, I turned in there – which was also pretty full. I slid a dumpster over, turning it sideways, to access the parking spot behind it.
… and the adventure began!

The hike video for Lime Kiln Loop Trail – sorry for the sniffling…

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