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Sandstone vs Electronics

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Don Robinson state park has a trail named Sandstone Canyon trail – I didn’t see what I think of as Sandstone – but there was a canyon kinda and there was a trail.

Getting there was a challenge, because I didn’t realize that Google Maps didn’t understand when AllTrails app told it the address – and google just took me to the center of the town. A little backtracking and I found the park… and found the trail. At first, I thought it was going to be an all paved trail – but was, as often that day, wrong.

I also tried some new camera modes and audio tricks on this one. Nothing is working perfectly. I really need some better equipment on hikes to record audio.

In addition to the car audio/ video system restarting itself mid-drive, the cellphone’s SD card decided to crap out near the last third of the hike. So the audio after that is pretty bad… and there was a smudge on the lens of the action cam.


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