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Warning: No Goats on Goat Cliff Trail

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So, recently went hiking in Illinois, just north of Grafton, in Pere Marquette State Park. Alltrails took me on the Hickory South, Hickory North, Fern Hollow and Goat Cliff Trails – an almost 4 mile hike up and down hills, with beautiful vast scenic views.

Just before I left, Marie gave me one of my Yule Gifts – an HD handheld camera with a boom mic. It looked like the battery was fully charged… and I played around with it enough to figure out how to place all the stuff and make it record. It even has an awesome remote with it! When I got it to the trail, however, I discovered the battery wasn’t fully charged – but I did charge it on the way up. There was some other learning-curve items to discover as well.

The only wild life I saw were some small birds and one squirrel. Nope, as the title says, there are no actual goats on goat cliff trail – very disappointing. But check out the scenic views in the video :

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