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What goes around, comes around

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I’ve said before, probably a few times, that anything a republican accuses someone else of doing, you can be pretty sure they have done themselves – or are currently doing. I recently watched Fahrenheit 9/11 – a documentary I avoided when it came out, because I knew what had happened and didn’t want to get even angrier that I was already. Yes, it did confirm what I already suspected, and provided new information and proof. The GOP’s embrace of the absolute criminal in order to gain and maintain power is not something new that started with Trump. The parallels between the Bush crime family and the Trump criminal empire are impressive.

Gee Dubya Bush had the election stolen from Al Gore for him by his unscrupulous brother, the governor of Florida, who just happened to ‘find’ the right number of votes for Bush when all the polling had been done – and who had previously threw a bunch of democrat voters off the voter rolls just before the election. So, yes, they have already done what they have accused the democrats of doing for Biden. Truth is, in 2020, we patriots of the Democratic Republic of the United States of America saw the disaster that Trump was and came out in force to reject his idiocy and reject his move toward fascism.

Now, the GOP voters want this dumpster fire of a fascist wanna-be “strong-man” to rule over them. No. Hell no. Not here, not in the USA. Move to Russia, you sycophants.

GOPhers and MAGAts will say, “But what about Hunter Biden!?!?” – well, investigate him and if he is guilty, sentence him to prison. “What about Hillary?!?!” – well, Hillary has been investigated ten thousands ways from Sunday and there has been nothing found worth criminal prosecution. Drop it, ya babies. The reason the Republicans complain about a corrupt government, is that they are the corruption. What is that old saying, “Republicans say government doesn’t work, and get elected to prove it.”

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