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Where is the Outrage?

I can’t believe that there are not more people, more average, working people, who are totally pissed off right now.

A certain segment of the ultra rich are screwing the rest of us out of our hard earned money, screwing us out of what we deserve for our contributions to their wealth.  Corporations work endlessly to lower our wages, increase their profits and stock dividends and wiggle out of paying their fair share of taxes.  The Rich are enabled and coddled by our government – getting tax breaks and loopholes, tax shelters and give-aways.  Some are paying an effective tax of 17.7% while we pay an effective tax of 30% – they are not paying their fair share!  Some corporations pay Zero taxes.

There is nothing wrong with being rich – or even very, very rich.  Its the American Dream.  What is wrong, is stepping on people to get there and stay there.  What is wrong, is not contributing your fair share to fund our government – instead buying congressmen and law-makers to cut you deals and breaks.  What is wrong, is rewarding your CEO for cutting jobs and worker salaries to increase profits for shareholders. What is wrong, is creating schemes that ensure lower-income families will default on the loans you provide and get you even more profit and tax breaks.

Oh, some will say that we are at fault.  We grasped for the American Dream when it was not really within our reach.  They say we jumped too high – even when those same bankers and financial crooks were the ones dangling the carrot over our heads saying, “Come on, its a great deal.”  After all, its their job to entice, to promote, to sell us the idea that we can achieve the Dream.  Its not their fault we fell for it!  After all, its immoral to allow a sucker to keep his money, right?

There has been a class war going on for years – and only the corporations knew about it.  Now, there is no reason for anyone to not know about this.

What can you do?  Change your voter status to Independent – or Green Party or Reform Party – just not Republican nor Democrat.  That will send a huge message : Cooperate for the Greater Good, not your political futures.(for info on How, see – specifically the Registrar Info finder)

Send your supposed representatives an email with just one line : “You should listen to Us – vote Our Way.  – a Voter.” (see mine – log in, click “Write your lawmakers” and uncheck the President, fill in your info.  You may be asked to choose a topic – I picked “Gov’t Operations” – see my Soapbox)

Just one source article – there are many more in the previous posts.

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