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Wow!! Unbelievable

“Washington is here to serve the banks…” – Spencer Bachus, traitor who betrays We the People to the Banks and Corporations.

The Judge who ruled against the Health Insurance Mandate is a Republican stooge and part owner of a GOP consulting firm – talk about your conflict of interest.  He should be censured for even taking the case.  Not that I disagree with his ruling, but he should not have taken the case.  I still feel that states forcing someone to buy auto insurance is illegal – and it is certainly immoral.  Even more so, any government should never be able to force a citizen to choose which method to risk their life – such as states do when forcing people to buckle up based on a 60/40 chance that it will help or do no harm instead of being the deciding factor that kills you, which it sometimes does.  I would wager that wearing a seat belt saves a life about as often as it kills – the rest of the time it matters very little, either preventing a few bruises or cracking the collar bone.

The Tax Deal will hurt lower income citizens by eliminating the “Making work Pay” tax credit and replacing it with the “Payroll Tax Holiday” – which is a percentage cut, so the more you make, the more it benefits you.  For example, the “Making work Pay” credit gave me $400 extra over the year – the “Tax Holiday” will give me over $850.  MwP would give people making $10,000 the same $400.00, but the “Tax Holiday” will only give them, maybe $200 – you have to make $20,000 to get the $400.

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Warren Buffet slams tax disparity!  Last year, Buffett said, he was taxed at 17.7 percent on his taxable income of more than $46 million. His receptionist was taxed at about 30 percent. See!  and for those lucky enough to be able to watch Youtube… 

Adding another interesting item : Neither Plan works!
… and another… Tax Cuts Create Jobs? Prove it!

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