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Roundup of Articles

Democrats are more favored than Republicans.

Watching Fox “News” makes you Stupid. (or at least very misinformed)

Republicans Oppose their own Earmarks!  Republicans are among the top earmark requesters!  All three Republicans from Mississippi are in the top 10 porkers… hmm.. its mostly the Mississippi Republicans…  figures.  More to be embarrassed about by those idiots.  Yeah, its mostly Democrats asking for earmarks in 2011.  Although, really, its not been a one sided thing in the past, as majority rules apply.  Very interesting to research.

Al Franken’s hardest vote evah!

Fox News is a pissed off as everyone else about the 9/11 First Responders getting snubbed by congress – but they won’t admit it was Republicans who blocked the aid bill. I suppose there were not enough Millionaires in the group for the Lame A$$ Republicans to support.

And some interesting news on the potential fate of the Filibuster!

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