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Two Fliers about Mississippi 26 “Personhood”

On November 8th, 2011 in the General Election for Mississippi, there will be three Ballot Initiatives to
vote on. 26 – to redefine “person” in our constitution, 27 – to require
voter ID (ie disenfranchise voters) and 31 – to restrict the use of
eminent domain. Vote No on 26, Mississippi!

You can click on the picture for a full size version to download and print if you want.

On the following links, these open in Google Docs – you can click “Download Original” in the top right to save to your desktop for printing or you can use the zoom for better reading.

I also have a PDF that takes apart the lies in a “yes on 26 dot net” flier claiming we are lying about our concerns about what 26 will do. TakingApartLies.pdf

The last offering is a more informative flier about Initiative 26 that also shows the ballot preview.  N0on26Flier.pdf

Vote No on 26, Mississippi!

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