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Beulah Trail Loop

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Went down near Six Flags, Pacific, MO to Greensfelder State Park to hike the Beulah Trail – a 4.4 mile hike with 410 ft elevation gain. I logged a solid 4.5 miles on the trail (and some off by a bit).

The drive there was a bit frustrating, despite the fact I had a good Wendy’s breakfast. Google maps took me through city driving for some reason – maybe a wreck. Some driver just sat at a right turn, despite 3 people in the other right turn lane going – they just sat there… even after the light turned green. My car having electronic system issues didn’t help (I have a repair visit scheduled). So, by the time I got there – to the park, then new directions to the trail head – I was a bit frustrated.

So frustrated that I spooked a horse before I even got on the trail. Not too bad, though. I did have a little trouble finding the right trail to take – there are actually a LOT of trails in Greensfelder. But once I got on the trail, it was pretty good. I did forget to turn on the camera’s mic a couple times… then finally just left it on.

I did get to hang the hammock – in a spot that was pretty cool – and where only a hammock could go. After the chill out in the hammock, the hike was much better… hammocks make life better. After the hammock, I had a Cliff Bar, essential trail snackage.

In the video, at the very end, I give a plug for my STL Geo Hiking page. Hoping people will start using it and playing along with some cool trail photos.

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