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Governor isn’t concerned with what Voters think

First, a fun fact : It is a little over 1416 steps from where I park to my office, which is somewhere around a half of a mile.

On to business.

I was going to do a post on how Corporations are not People and should not have the same rights due to their special treatment and business benefits.  I was going to say something about how corporations are immortal and how Apple didn’t die with Steve Jobs nor even attend his funeral.  Maybe some people who work at Apple did, but Apple, the Corporation, did not.  Apple just debated having a Steve Jobs Memorial sale on each anniversary of his death to bolster profits.  However, listening to the Radio diverted that post….

Phil Bryant was quoted on the radio (Oldies 105) today as saying that he doesn’t understand why people oppose the Business Regulation law he has signed.  The law is designed for the sole purpose of regulating a single private business out of existence, which our republican controlled congress passed.  They are not even hiding the fact that they are passing laws to target one single private business to shut down.  What level of rampant corruption has to exist for legislators to waste taxpayer money on targeting one business in the state to shut down through oppressive regulation?

“Gov. Phil Bryant (R), who is expected to sign the bill Thursday,
expressed his support in a statement. “This legislation is an important
step in strengthening abortion regulations and protecting the health and
safety of women,” he said. “As governor, I will continue to work to
make Mississippi abortion-free.”

Two obviously contradictory statements in one breath.  That kind of lying takes a Republican.  Making Mississippi Abortion-Free is a sure way to endanger the lives, health and safety of women.

“These are strong, common-sense pro-life bills that will not only end
abortion in Mississippi but will enhance efforts to protect children
from abuse,” [Tate] Reeves said.

 No, Tater-head, there is zero common-sense in those bills.  I will let an expert try to explain it :

“The patient also did not explain why she had attempted the abortion,
and we did not ask. This was a decision she made for herself, and the
reasons were hers alone. Yet this much was clear: The woman had put
herself at total risk, and literally did not know whether she would live
or die.
This, too, was clear: Her desperate need to terminate a pregnancy was the driving force behind the selection of any method available.
The familiar symbol of illegal abortion is the infamous “coat hanger” —
which may be the symbol, but is in no way a myth. In my years in New
York, several women arrived with a hanger still in place. Whoever put it
in — perhaps the patient herself — found it trapped in the cervix and
could not remove it.
We did not have ultrasound, CT scans or any of the now accepted radiology techniques. The woman was placed under anesthesia,
and as we removed the metal piece we held our breath, because we could
not tell whether the hanger had gone through the uterus into the
abdominal cavity. Fortunately, in the cases I saw, it had not.
However, not simply coat hangers were used.
Almost any implement you can imagine had been and was used to start an
abortion — darning needles, crochet hooks, cut-glass salt shakers, soda
bottles, sometimes intact, sometimes with the top broken off.” – Repairing the Damage, before Roe By Waldo L. Fielding, M.D.

That is what you, Phil and Tate, are trying to get us back to in your ‘protecting women’s health.’  You Liars. Hypocrites. Corrupt Jerks.

Dr. Fielding also gives a good explanation as to why Phil’s statement above is so absolutely contradictory (emphasis mine) :

It is important to remember that Roe v. Wade did not mean that
abortions could be performed. They have always been done, dating from
ancient Greek days.
What Roe said was that ending a pregnancy
could be carried out by medical personnel, in a medically accepted
, thus conferring on women, finally, the full rights of
first-class citizens — and freeing their doctors to treat them as such.

Of course, Fanatic Governor Phil Bryant has already stated his disdain for the 56% of Mississippi voters who oppose ‘personhood’ and those of us who oppose the crushing regulation of one private business.

“Well they’re just absolutely wrong,” says Governor Bryant. “I was very
active in that initiative and referendum. I don’t really– I’m not
really concerned what they think, because their thinking is wrong.”

Why, oh, WHY don’t we have the Recall option?!?!  The worst part about this is that there is nothing that can be done for the next four years.  Nothing.  Even then, will Mississippi voters wise up?

The reason this gets me is that I can not comprehend the level of disdain these people must have for women and children.  Either that or they just love suffering and forcing others to suffer.  They hide it behind talk of ‘sanctity of life’ but their actions are just hateful.

Let me give an example.  One Republican Pro-Lifer recently in the public spotlight boasts about how he and his wife were told the baby his wife was carrying had defects that would not allow it to survive very long.  They boast about how they carried it to term any way and were able to hold it in their arms.  To them, I am assuming, it was some emotional high.  However, all I can think about is how the child suffered for those few hours it was alive and wonder how much it suffered in the womb when or if it became aware.  I don’t see forcing any being to suffer ‘as long as possible’ as being even close to being a good thing.  I can see fighting to get through an illness or injury if there is a good possibility of living without terrible pain afterwards, but these “right to life” people just take it too far – they force a living being to suffer until the very end, even going so far as to do everything to keep it alive for as long as possible and whatever their reasoning, the only reason I can see is to extend the suffering as long as possible.  It disturbs me greatly and makes me ill to think about, kind of makes me so mad I want to cry.

I was so upset by this that I forgot to eat breakfast… 2 1/2 hours late in grabbing a bite.

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