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Preconceived notions

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Paraphrased something I read today… “I have no patience for fake people,
whiny-little-bitches or liars. People whose idea of a vigorous discussion or
argumentation is to belittle people rather than defend your argument. People who are into flag banning,
flag burning or denying someone else’s rights. People who support tyranny, racism, discrimination or
suffering. People who align themselves
against U.S. veterans or our founding fathers. People whose idea of fun involves hate-baiting, divisiveness or
general ass-hat-like behavior.”

Someone commented on that, again paraphrased, “yeah, I can’t stand liberals either.”

Which took me by surprise, because I was thinking, “yeah, this guy can’t stand conservatives.”

I suppose that goes to show we each have our own pre-conceived notions.  Only, I think mine can be shown to be true a lot easier than the other guy’s.

“Fake people, whiny-little-bitches or liars” certainly makes me think ‘conservative.’  Damn near everything they (the public faces of the conservative movement) say is easily proven to be wrong or an outright lie. And “Fake People” – Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Scott Walker… come on… 

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